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mossbrain Superb 1.5 hour long psychedelic headtrip that starts and ends with the Beatles song "Baby you're a rich man". The song stretches and distorts to weird dimensions and becomes lost like a raft that gets pulled underwater by multiple currents of sound, floating to the top occasionally, but for the most part being engulfed by other sound currents. Time itself gets stuck and ends up repeating a partial reality over and over as other sound realities travel at different speeds simultaneously.


The final track from Sexy Baby Mice & Friends (for the moment) as they currently can't grasp the human concept of pieces of paper being more valuable than trees and thus have run out of space on the cloud of sounds...

so we are temporarily returning to the mouse dimension to report back on our findings on human beings... so far there seem to be some very nice people, some odd grey creatures, funny looking nordics and everyone down the local pub tells me America is actually run by Nazi's in an underground bunker while Putin really likes puppies but may be a waxwork... anyway hope to see you all soon...


if they give a date for the apocalypse it's definitely wrong... mice have discovered neither time nor money is real, trust us on this <;3)~

we could only fit a teeny tiny extract from our new epic on the cloud of sound so the rest of this marvelous album is available for free on Bandcamp... (or for a donation but we don't want to encourage further slavery to the central bank and/or lizards/archons...

thanx for listening everyone!

Remember Baby You're A RIch Man*

*though it should be pointed out John Lennon didn't really become a feminist until eating chocolate cake in the bath so remember Baby You're A Rich Woman Too!


released November 12, 2015

Mice on Mice
with help from various nice humans



all rights reserved


Sexy Baby Mice Ireland

once upon a time we were tiny mice abandoned in a dusty attic...

until we noticed there was a synthesizer that made sexy sounds...

so we embarked upon a trip through a world of sexy sounds...

in time and space...

we are nice...

we are mice...

we like to add spice...

we are...

Sexy Baby MIce!
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